Love and Attachment

Love is not attachment. There is a vast difference between the two. In attachment one is entangled with his body, wife, children, relative, religion, caste and country. In other words, one has a feeling of indifference or estrangement regarding everything that is not related to his attachments. Attachment is finite, and a person in that state cannot be guided by real knowledge.

There is a strong feeling of selfishness connected with attachment. But in love one sees everything with the same eye – whether it is a human being or a beast. He loves all alike; in fact, he loves the entire creation.

The ideas of selfishness and of a limited sphere of interest enter into attachment, and to fulfil these ideas man may stoop to evil designs and actions. The result is misery and nothing else. Love is free from this dross. A lover loves all.

In attachment, one falls low. He cannot look at everything with a disinterested eyes. The world of attachment is like a bargain counter, where one gives only in exchange for gain otherwise he has nothing to give. Love knows only how to give.

A lover also knows that the true love, which is God, is within every creature. He loves everybody – the good and the bad – without any idea of gain. Love is the support of life. It is the giver of energy.