Love and Beauty

Physical beauty is subject to destruction, but true love or real attraction never perishes. Beauty may perish, and even good works may cease. Graceful actions and attractive deportment may be no more, and even the beautiful face may vanish; but true love lives so long as the lover is alive. Even after his death love does not disappear, but merges into his soul. Physical beauty is temporary. It may be glamorous today and gone tomorrow. After youth and good health pass away beauty fades, but love remains forever.

Physical beauty rests on a weak foundation and is ephemeral. But love is the natural quality of the soul and is eternal. A life full of love enhances beauty, and beauty of this kind radiates soul force. Beauty of this type has a unique attraction, because it produces love. If beauty is not dyed with the attraction of soul force, love does not exist. A nightingale loves only live flowers. It is not attracted by artificial flowers or by those painted on a wall or on a piece of paper.

Love never perishes, even if the bones of a lover are ground fine like powder. Just as the perfume of sandalwood does not leave it, even if it is completely ground up, similarly the basis of love is the soul, and it is indestructible and therefore eternal. Beauty can be destroyed, but not love.

Wherever there is love there must be beauty. Love brings joy and luster to the eyes. The currents of love emanate from Saints and men of God. Their beauty is doubly enhanced. Their love is of the soul and not of the physical body. Such persons are handsome or beautiful despite their colour or physical deficiencies. They have developed the inherent love of the soul, and their physical body is dyed deep in the Spiritual Colour which reflects real inner beauty.