Love is the Path of a Madman

This is not the place for vain arguments and discussions.

Hafiz says:

So long as your mind is spread out in cleverness and knowledge, you will not be able to know the real Truth. I wish to give you one piece of good advice. You should not admire yourself, but destroy your ego so that you may attain freedom.

He further stats:

Do not try to search for the pearl of love in schools. If you desire to find it, you should go beyond them. You should hide your heart in the locks of your Beloved’s hair, and become totally oblivious of the world. In other words, you should remain in a state of ecstasy in the contemplation of your Beloved, for the arguments of your intellect will be harmful in the path of love.

Again, he says:

The path of love is full of innumerable dangers. The first requisite is that you should leave your intellect behind.