Love is not the Work of the Greedy or the Conscience-Sellers

Love is a pure emotion. Everybody cannot obtain it. Those who are given to worldly pleasures only waste their lives in enjoying transitory pleasures and remain devoid of the true wealth. 

Sarmad says:

God does not bestow the pangs of love on those who are lost in worldly greed. How can a bee realize the burning sensation of a moth, which loses its life the moment it sees a light? It takes a long time to meet the Beloved, for the treasure of love cannot be given to everybody.

Jami Sahib says:

The pangs of love for the Beloved cannot be obtained by everybody in this world. This treasure is only for those who are living for it alone.

Love cannot be gained without devotion to a Master. A worldly man cannot understand it. Only those who have one-pointed attention can share it; that is, those whose mind and heart are one, and who have faith and devotion. A person who is prepared to sell his conscience or, in other words, to deceive himself, cannot drink from the cup of love. To tread the path of love is the work of those resolute souls who will not turn back no matter what may befall them. They alone can meet the Beloved. But those who have only shallow pangs of separation fall down long before they are able to reach the Goal.