The Path of Love is difficult

The Path of Love appears to be quite easy, but it is as difficult as Raja Yoga, Karma Yoga or the path of vedant. In order to travel any one of these paths, it is necessary to efface one’s self. How very difficult it is to please anybody in this world. Man tries hard to do so but is not always successful. How much more difficult it is for him to please God!

The path of Love is as sharp and as narrow as the edge of a sword. There is room for only one to tread on it. Here God and the devotee have to become one, and the least waver or negligence on the part of the devotee will cause his downfall. Therefore, only the strong-willed can follow this path with the support of God and the Master and by surrendering themselves at all times into the lap of the Beloved. Such fortunate devotees are guided at every step and cannot fall.