True Love is not for Weaklings

Love is a beautiful ocean of nectar. Once a person dives into it, he receives Eternal Life. In this world people talk about love in one form or the other, and everybody desires to inculcate love in himself, but the Real Path of Love is the most difficult one. It is not for those who insist on a life of ease and comfort. It is only for those who are prepared to sacrifice their life. Those who wish to follow this Path go towards it with their head (ego) on the palms of their hands.

Hafiz says:

To go toward the Beloved is not the work of ease-loving people. To enter into this profession of Love is the work of Saints, who are always in a state of ecstasy and are not concerned with the worries of this world. To Love is not the work of weaklings and cowards. Only the brave and strong-minded can enter it.

To take to the Path of Love is not the work of ordinary people. Only those who are fearless and who are prepared to sacrifice their very lives can do so. Cowards cannot approach it. The Lord of Love is very high and it is not possible for weaklings to gain access to His Court. So long as we do not sacrifice our head at the altar of our Beloved, we cannot succeed on the Path of Love.

Hafiz says:

The least condition that Love demands is the surrender of one’s head (ego). If you are not able to do this, you should go away and not even talk of Love.

Kabir says:

The cup of Love can be enjoyed only by those who are prepared to sacrifice their head (ego). It is not the work of a greedy person, who is not capable of sacrificing himself. His talk of love is only superficial.

Kabir further states:

Love is not an easy thing. Only he can enter the abode of Love, who is prepared to leave his head on the ground. Not only should he place his head on the ground but he should also step on it. If one can do this, he is ready to tread the path of Love; for then alone will he be able to taste the Elixir of Love.

This means, in other words, that when the soul is concentrated at the eye centre, it is supposed to have entered the home of Love, and only then is it able to taste Love’s unique Elixir.

Kabir says:

This is not the home of your Aunty (mother’s sister). It is the home of Love. You can enter it only after you put your head on the ground and step on it.

Kabir says:

If you can do this, then you may enter, for this is the home of Love, the indescribable Path – high above – and you can come near it only if you are able to cut off your head and put your foot on it (completely surrender yourself).

Another Saint, Nag di Das, speaks in a similar vein:

Only those who are able to cut off their head (banish their ego) and step on it are able to enter the garden of Love.

On this Path one has to sacrifice his very life. It will be better if you give it to your Beloved. Otherwise, one day, the angel of death is sure to take it away. Why not do it yourself?

Love knows only how to give. One has to abandon all desires and to leave all power and fame, and has to become the slave of someone. Such is Love. To achieve True Life is to lose one’s self completely in Love. One has to awaken in one’s Beloved and completely merge in God. That is Love. It is a work of sacrifice and surrender.

To meet the Beloved is very difficult, because one has to bargain for this Path with one’s own head.