Love is the Path of Sacrifice

There is no question of gaining anything in love. It is not something that can be bought in a grocer’s shop. Love is a matter of “giving”, and not of “taking”. Surrender your body, mind, life, beliefs – then only will you know the bliss of walking in the precincts of Love.

Sarmad says:

I gave my body, I gave my life, and I also gave may beliefs. The whole world is entangled in these things, but all these entanglements have been removed from me. What greater blessing could anyone wish for?

Mind, body and wealth are placed before my Master, and my very life is sold to Him for the sake of His Love.

Adi Granth

One should happily lose his life (give up the ego) in this Path and should not expect anything in return.

Khusro says:

Oh heart, you should be happy because you will be slain tomorrow in the bazaar of Love, but there is no guarantee that you will see the Beloved.

Where there is love, there is no thought of personal gain. Both cannot be together. When the body is dyed in the hue of love, it is cleansed of all evils and desires.

Maulana Rumi

Kabir says:

Love does not grow on trees. Love is not sold in the market. On this Path the poor and the rich are on the same level. Whosoever surrenders himself, gains thereby.

In the Path of Love we have to destroy our ego. We have to leave pride behind us. The Beloved cannot be met unless one is completely devoid to these qualities.

Maulana Rumi says:

One cannot reach the Court of the Lord so long as he does not lose himself.

One can start with the ABC in the school of Love only after he has removed his ‘self’.

Only that person can understand the beginning of treading towards this Path, who has been wounded by the arrows of Love.

Those who intend to travel on the Path of Love should heed my message, viz. that they can tread it only if they have completely lost their self.