One has to dedicate his Life, bravely and quietly in True Love

True Love is like a fathomless ocean which has no shores, and there is no help for anyone – overwhelmed by such love – unless he sacrifices his own life.

Hafiz says:

You must go on burning in sorrow and pain and you must not resort to any treatment for this condition, for there is no remedy for this pain. It is a burning longing for communion with the Beloved, and for this there is no remedy.

Just as life is not possible without breath similarly a lover’s life exists only in his Beloved. The lover is always unhappy in the love for his Beloved, and sacrifices himself like a moth that flies into the flame as soon as it sees a spark of fire.

Hafiz says:

When the Emperor of Love presented a robe to me, the meaning of the gift was very clearly explained to me in the following language: ‘Oh Hafiz! Be careful. You must remain quiet because this is not the path of the talkative. It is the path on which one has to merge oneself in Love and become Love itself.

Again, Hafiz says:

Have patience in your heart, for so long as you do not sacrifice your life on this path, you cannot travel up to your Beloved.