Love is True Worship and True Austerity

Many people subject themselves to austerities and perform various difficult practices. If the object of these austerities is to achieve supernatural powers, it is actually a trap to further entangle one in the snares of Maya. Such practices only succeed in moving one farther away from the goal of God Consciousness.

A devotee practised various austerities with considerable diligence for many years and finally acquired the power to walk on water. But actually a devotee (one who spends the same amount of time in practising Shabd), who crosses the river in a boat by spending a trifling sum and conserving his spiritual powers, is far superior. The labour expended during many years in achieving the power to walk on water is without any actual spiritual value.

Love is the true austerity which bestows humility, teaches us to remain in the Hukam (Law / Order) of the Beloved, and removes the attention from worldly pleasures and pains. Such a mind does not waver and is always fixed in the Beloved. If such a person were to face difficulties or troubles, he would bear them without complaint, for he remembers only the Beloved in his heart, and he creates a new world of love around himself. He is not attracted by the outer world nor affected by its troubles. In addition to this, the spiritual secrets are disclosed within him and he comes nearer to God-Realization.

Such a happy state of love is the possession of a rare devotee. This love is sweet and has attractive powers. When it is achieved, all other attractions are burnt up, and only the Name of God remains in the heart of the devotee. This love is a bright flame in which everything is consumed except the Beloved.

Actually, when the fire of love is fully kindled, nothing remains in the devotee, because everything is consumed by the flame of True Love.