Matter and Spirit

God is infinite. He has no form nor name. He is free from all limitations and qualities. But we have a physical form, and a lover’s heart naturally prays that his Beloved should also similarly appear before his eyes so that he may behold Him. The lover’s eyes long to see Him, his hands long to touch Him, his ears long to hear His sweet voice, and he wishes to embrace his Beloved. He desires to express his love, and therefore he wants to clothe the spiritual with a material form.

When we cover the spirit with material raiment and worship it, we call it material love. The Persian poets have named it physical worship. Hindus worship it as Sargun (spirit with qualities). But the worship of Nirgun (spirit without qualities) is known as spiritual worship. In different scriptures it is called the worship of God, the worship of the Kaaba, and so forth. The object of physical and spiritual worship is the same. People who perform spiritual worship have to go to the Kaaba (Harm ) or to Dehr and bow their heads in worship there. The radiance of the same God who is in the Kaaba is in a Saint. The only difference is in the conception of the devotee.