Praises of Love by various Saints

God is Love. Just as it is impossible to praise Him adequately, it is similarly not possible to define love. Those who have drunk deeply out of the cup of love have become intoxicated by it, and in their ecstasy have sung songs of praise for Him. Below are given a few quotations by way of example:

Love is God. It is the religion and faith of man.

Love is a pilgrimage. It is a magnetic power which attracts the hearts and everything good and beautiful in them.

A heart full of love is contented and sweet.

Love is the comforter and sustainer of hearts. It is the hope, the longing for union, and surging emotion in the heart.

It is a Power. When we love, we learn the lesson of courage and fearlessness.

It is the shield against which no weapon can be effective.

It is Truth and Reality. It is faith and sacrifice.

It is a divine flower, which imparts its perfume to the entire universe. It is a fragrant flower through which man’s life is beautified.

It is a light by which the universe is illuminated.

It is a source of perfume which wafts spring-like fragrance into the hearts of men.

It is a story which will never end, and a problem for which there is no solution.

It is a silent emotion full of sweetness, in which man forgets himself completely.

It is a heavenly gift and food for the soul.

It is the nightingale, whose sweet songs have a magic effect on man.

It is the permanent union. Both, the lover and the Beloved, are imperishable. It is an indescribable state of their hearts.

It is a rare gem, and a man’s heart is its mounting.

It is a priceless jewel, which is within us at all times but is not obtainable (without guidance.)

It is as brittle as glass but as strong as steel.

It is a current of purity and a rare gift of God, bestowed on each one of us.

Love is the greatness as well as the purity of the heart.

To love is the real aim of man and the most needed ingredient of his life. The arrows of Love are silent. God does not wish for anything but Love for His creation.

Love is such a potent elixir that even one drop of it will awaken the dormant energies in man.

Love is the purest and the greatest benefactor of life.

Love is an unfailing medicine, which sustains the heart and brings new life into it.

The key to heaven is Love, and not intellect.

Those who are devoid of love are also devoid of God, for God is Love.

There are waves of unselfishness in the Ocean of Love, which can be seen and felt but are beyond description.

Love is not artificial. It is natural.

Love is not lifeless. It is life and full of activity.

Love is not blind. It increases vision.

Love is not a malady. It is the proof of spiritual awakening.

Love is the best means of seeking freedom from worldly worries.

Love is stable, imperishable and infinite. In the end all one’s ties and connections with the world are broken, but it is impossible for the relationship of love to be destroyed. It is stronger than chains of steel and unbreakable even by death. Because it is a part of the soul, even when the two bodies perish, its impression remains in the two hearts.

What is Love? Two souls with but one thought, two hearts with but one tongue.