Love God and His Lovers

Everyone wishes to be loved by someone, and also desires to love someone. Everyone says, „I want to love someone and I also want someone to love me, so that I may be useful to him and he may be of help to me.“ This type of love is also prevalent amongst animals. But it is necessary to understand what type of love one should have, and with whom one should create ties of love so that it may be beneficial.

Everybody knows that love for this world and worldly people and objects is the cause of many miseries, because these things are all temporary and will leave us sooner or later. We shall leave them at our death. Therefore, we should give our love to a being who is beyond death and who will never be separated from us, so that we may never feel the pain of separation.

Such a being is none other than God Himself, or His manifestation whose soul is completely merged in God and who has everlasting life. Therefore, it is God in the form of His Saints who are worthy of our love. God is within each one of us, and consequently He, unlike worldly objects, cannot be separated from us. To love Him will never cause any pain. Therefore, it is only God or His Saints with whom one can be in love constantly till eternity. So, if you wish to love and be loved at all times, then your love should be offered to God Himself through His manifestation on this earth, who is no other than the Satguru (True Master).

The highest and the greatest boon that anyone can have is the love of God; but only those on whom God bestows His Grace can be the recipients of this sublime gift. In order to create love for God in one’s heart it is necessary to create love for the Master. If we love God, He loves us.

Maulana Rumi says:

If love for the Master is in your heart, then rest assured that God also loves you, because the Master is the reflection of God on earth.

Another Saint says:

You cannot fathom the Grace of God. His glance of Love is on you at all times, like that of a lover for the Beloved.

In the Quran it is also stated:

I remember those who remember me.

It is extremely difficult to describe True Love for God. Some people say that it is impossible to love God, and that love for God simply means that we should follow His commandments. Such people are ignorant of the real Truth.

Hazrat Mohammed says:

None amongst you is a Gurumukh (True Devotee of the Master). So long as you do not have greater love for me than for your parents, children and all other worldly objects, you cannot be a Gurumukh.

He then prays:

Oh my God, bestow upon me love for you and the love of those beings of yours who love you. Instill in me a longing that will bring me nearer to your Love; and create in me a desire for love for you as intense as that which a person dying of thirst has for a drink of cold water – in truth, even more intense than that.

How can people who are submerged in worldly attachments know anything about God’s love? So long as they are not free from worldly attachments it will not be possible for them to taste God’s Love.

They cannot understand the valuable words of Hazrat Mohammed:

I am devoted to my God much more than to highly scented perfumes and even to beautiful women.