The Intoxication of the Wine of Love

The worldly wine cannot be compared even to one sip of the wine of True Love, for this love is the elixir of life and the soul. There is no comparison between that Divine Elixir and worldly wine.

Hafiz says:

Even two thousand jugs of this wine cannot equal one drop of the wine of Love for my Master.

Guru Nanak was once offered bhang (a narcotic) by King Babar, but he said:

Oh King, the intoxication of this narcotic, if taken in the morning, will vanish by evening; or if taken in the evening, it will disappear by morning; but the intoxication of Love for the Lord continues day and night, and it never fails.

Shamas-i-Tabrez says:

I am so intoxicated by Love that the entire world would be intoxicated by it, if I were to shout in my state of ecstasy.

He further says:

There is such an abundance of Love – intoxication in me that a bread prepared from the wheat grown on a field fertilized by my body would intoxicate the bread-maker with the Love of God. But I cannot describe the state of the person who would eat that bread. Even the person who sets the table for such a bread would become intoxicated, and the oven in which the bread was baked would dance with ecstasy from this intoxication.