Love is a natural Quality in Man

God is Love and the soul is a part of Him. The qualities of God are therefore naturally found in man. The entire universe is being sustained by love. In other words, it is a form of love. God created the current of love in this world, and by this current the world is kept in existence.

A human being is either attracted by the love of the universe, or is drowned in the ocean of Love, which is God Himself. If there is no love, there is no existence. Wherever there is love there is life, and all the attractions of life are in existence. If there were no love, life would have no attraction for human beings.

Love is an innate quality of the heart. It is only through love that the sublimity of the truth is known, because without it man would be in anguish. A person who has no love for anything is not fit to be called a human being, because every human being must fix his love at one place or another.

This natural quality is inherent in the mind of every person. In some places people are engrossed in love for worldly objects. At other places they worship abstract heavenly goals. But here and there we also come across people who have correctly placed their love in the Lord. The love for worldly objects is temporary and transient. The love for a heavenly goal is better, but the noblest and the purest form of love is love for God.

Actually, he who possesses love in any form and has even a particle of love in him, is worthy to be called a man. This is the touchstone, by which a man may be judged. He is worthy of being called a man to the degree in which he has the quality of love in him. If he does not possess the spark of love within him, he is very far from being called a human being.

Everything in this world is judged by the degree of its quality of love. A fire is a fire only so long as it emits heat and light; at the same time, all that glitters is not gold. Similarly, every person cannot be called a human being in the strict sense of the term. Only those persons are human beings who have the spark of love developed in them (as the fire has heat).

One may be a lover of physical beauty or a lover of collecting worldly objects, but by enjoying worldly loves of this kind one does not become a human being. A True Human being has a feeling of sympathy and a loving heart for mankind. Such a person forgets his own troubles and melts like wax when he sees any other person in pain or in trouble. Such a person has the feeling of love and fellowship in him.

Kabir says:

A person in whom there is no love should be considered as a moving statue. He is like the bellows of a black-smith, which breathes and yet has no life.

One, who is humble and has love for and surrenders himself to the Lord, has respect for all, such a one is a living ocean of the powerful currents of love. His is a cup of love, full to the brim and running over. In other words, such a person is full of good will and pleasant manners. Such a one is really noble.

The greatness of a man is not measured by the amount of his knowledge, the number of his educational degrees, or the number of books he has read. Mohammed Sahib was illiterate, but a large portion of the world still respects him. Ram Krishna Param Hans was not conversant with book knowledge, but the whole of Bengal venerates and respects him. Guru Nanak and Kabir did not gain their education in a university, but thousands of people have a feeling of the deepest reverence for them. Their constant love for the Lord and for His creation is responsible for their greatness. They were fully engrossed in His Love.

Knowledge is a child of books, but love is the mother of books. Without love all austerities and rituals are useless. They are beneficial only if along with them one has love for God and for His children. 

But if a person engages in austerities or rituals without developing the quality of love for the Lord and for his children, then he is like a flower without fragrance, like a well without water, like a lamp without oil, or like eyes without sight. Such persons, even if they sometimes have a spark of spirituality in them, would prefer to keep their interest centred in worldly ties, and they flit from one object to another. The entire world is entangled in this net and there is no possible way out.