Love (Prem) is a Universal Attribute

Love is born out of human emotions. The sweet fragrance of love permeates the orchard of life. Whenever there is a current of love in the mind, the heart is spontaneously attracted by it. This current or force is working throughout the entire universe. Look at a cow, how lovingly she licks her calf. All animals and birds love each other.

With what devotion a moth circles round a flame! A fish writhes if it is taken out of water. How a deer is irresistibly attracted towards music, and a serpent becomes hypnotized by the sound of the flute? And how a chakor (moon bird) gazes constantly at the full moon!

The feeling of love is universal. Animals, birds, insects, and even plants and flowers are full of it. The spark of the flame of love intoxicates a human being who is attracted to it. The entire universe sings its praises. 

There is no heart which is completely devoid of love. All are born into this world gifted with at least a particle of love. We all live on it, but those who do not follow the path rightly are sometimes drowned in it.