Four Things are necessary in Love

  • No other idea should creep into the mind except that of the Beloved.

  • The question of bargaining or give and take should not arise.

  • All types of fear should be removed.

  • The lover should not be in a state of enmity or hatred with any one.

Such persons are never disappointed or lose hope. Their Beloved (Satguru) is always by their side. 

Bulleh Shah says:

While saying my prayers I have forgotten to look at the Kaaba1, because I do not know whether I should recite my prayers or should go on looking at You (God). 

The prayers of a person, who depends on rituals, are said in a specified posture, but the prayers of a lover are always said in a state of self-forgetfulness (rising above the mortal self or ego). A person who says his prayers according to rituals, washes his hands and his face before sitting in prayer; but a lover washes his hands of the world. In other words, so long as you do not remove your thoughts from the world, you cannot remember Him.

A lover is always happy in the remembrance of the Lord and of Satguru, who is a manifestation of God. 

Guru Amar Das says:

During Basant (spring-time) all vegetation is green and flowery everywhere. Similarly, those who remember God are always filled with life and joy. A lover remembers Him day and night and thus washes away the dirt of his ego.

He further states:

My mind always remains happy in the thought of my Satguru. How can any trouble or pain come to me?

The surest sign of a lover is that if he loses any worldly or material thing it causes him no pain whatsoever; but if time is lost without meditation, prayer or remembrance of the Beloved, it causes him immense pain.

A True Lover is a fond of remembering his Lord as a thirsty man longs for water. The tongue does not speak but the mind is never empty, for the Beloved is always in his remembrance, and is never forgotten even for a moment. Love for the Lord and His lovers is always in his mind. He loves the ones who love Him, and also loves the entire creation.

When such lovers wish to speak about their Beloved amongst their friends, they are not able to speak, for their throats become choked.


Footnote: 1) The orthodox Muslims always face the Kaaba during prayer.