The Signs of Love

The state of a person’s mind is always reflected on his face. Happiness or pain, love or hatred are reflected in his expression and if he speaks, then everything in his mind comes out clearly into the open.

When a spark of love for the Lord is lit in a person’s mind, it cannot be concealed. His very eyes disclose it. Even if the mouth is locked, love will burst out in the form of teardrops from the eyes. The body trembles, the hairs stand on end, and the lover smiles but cannot speak. 

Kabir says:

Love cannot be concealed once it has entered a person’s heart. He does not speak it out but his eyes reveal it. Once love enters a man’s heart it keeps him happy at all times, for he then becomes free from worries, and the currents of love flow out from him automatically.

When love is awakened in the mind of a person, it keeps him happy and without worries. The currents of love emanate from him.

How can one become the recipient of this wonderful gift of love for the Lord? It is impossible to obtain it without following the instructions of a Master. It can be bestowed only on one who possesses a noble heart, and through the special Grace of God.

What are the signs by which love can be recognized? If you see a person who is miserable in his troubles and in a state of dejection, then you may know that he is devoid of love and is unfit to move in the sphere of True Love. Even if the entire world should become full of thorns, the heart of a lover would remain fresh and blooming at all times, like a garden of flowers. His Beloved is always concealed in his arms, and you should never consider him to be alone.

Even when the entire universe is full of thorns the heart of a lover will ever blossom into the beautiful flowers of remembrance of his Beloved. Never think him to be alone, because the Beloved is always concealed in his bosom.


In the mirror of my heart is the picture of my Beloved. I can see Him at any time by simply bowing my head.