What is the Effect of Love?

We find that an ordinary sword will cut an object into two pieces, but the sword of love is quite different. When it is used, it unites two (souls) into one. I has the same influence whether a person is rich or poor. Love is a scale that will weigh with stones and pearls alike. It settles on kings as well as on beggars without any distinction, because it does not discriminate between rich and poor. All are equal in the sight of love. It makes everyone restless and its effects can be seen with equal force in all conditions of life.

When a person is in love he is in a unique state of mind. In this state the flowers of separation bloom, cool and refreshing currents flow from sighs, and the heat produced by the sighs burns and destroys the duality in man. Whoever enters into love will experience all the phases of love. If love did not exist and if there were no sighs caused by love, the world would be deprived of many of its sweetest stories and most touching descriptions.

Whoever goes a-hunting in the arena of love, himself becomes the victim.

Love for God bestows such uplifting power, even in the destitute, that a lover considers kings and their crowns worth no more than a straw. A lover weaves silk and velvet with the blood of his heart, and places it under the feet of his Beloved. It is only love that can take a man into the Court of the Lord. To achieve it is the True Aim of life.

If you wish to read the True Story of a lover’s success, look at his face. You will find the glow of love on it. By drinking the blood of life, through love, the flowers of happiness bloom. A True Lover is always immersed in and saturated with the love of God. On this Path of Love, innumerable persons have sacrificed their worldly lives by spurning the power and pelf of the world.