True Love is permanent

God is Love. He is omnipresent. The soul is a drop of that ocean and it swims like a fish back into that ocean. Once the magnetic power of love establishes itself in a mind, it will never be destroyed. 

Arjan Sahib says:

Love has a unique pulling power. Once a person experiences it, he becomes so completely absorbed in it that even if he wishes to leave, it will not cease nor vanish.

Guru Amar Das says:

True Love is permanent. Pens and inkpots, as well as writings made with them, become obliterated; but True Love for God, which has been bestowed by Him, will never be effaced.

Guru Arjan says:

Oh God! Your humble servant has become absorbed in the elixir of your Love and now that he has tasted it, he will never leave it.

Love has been in existence in all ages. It will never vanish from the world. If one has True Love, then by seeing his Beloved he becomes indescribably happy. Persons in whom the love of God has been awakened and who are happily absorbed in it, are real Saints. And if their disciples love them, then their love will also not vanish. Their love will be everlasting, because the Saints continue to pull their disciples towards them with the cord of Love. Such Saints are our real Friends and Benefactors.