Prem (Love) is a constant Magnet

Everybody talks about love, but very few really know what it is. Sometimes a person thinks he is in love, and at another time he is not in love. Sometimes he is sad in love, and sometimes he is happy. This is not True Love, for True Love is constant and keeps the lover’s mind fixed in one direction. It has nothing to do with the rise and fall of emotions, because a True Lover is constantly absorbed in one thought alone – that of the Beloved.

Kabir says:

Everyone talks about love, but no one knows anything about it. One who is absorbed in it day and night, alone knows love. There was one who loved, but where has his love gone? He laughs and cries. Many people have seen him in this ever-changing condition. This is not Prem (True Love).

Guru Ram Das says:

Those who have fallen in love with God are constantly absorbed in love and are happy with the Grace of God and Satguru.