Condition of a Lover

Love is a music whose beauty does not diminish. It is a pain which is full of sweetness. It is a feeling which, once experienced, can never be forgotten. If you wish to know about love, you should ask a worshipper of love, or you may ask a nightingale that has fallen in love with a rose. Or you may ask a moth that has sacrificed its life, without hesitation, for the flame. Therefore, do not ask about love from any other person except a lover himself, because he alone can tell you anything about it.

Only a lover knows how to describe love. In his his own beautiful and well-chosen words, he will help you to understand it clearly.

If you wish to see the spark of love, you should look into the eyes of one who is intoxicated with love. Then you will see how all intellect, reason, knowledge, mind and thinking have been swept away and have merged into the ocean of thoughts of the Beloved. From such a one you may get some idea of love.

Saints are an ocean of Love, because they are already merged into the Lord, and the Lord is Love. The currents of love emanating from the Saints spread out and influence every nook and corner of the world. By receiving such currents, one’s heart is inclined to meet the Lord.

Love in which there is even a small amount of selfishness or selfish desires, or even a tiny thought of some bargain, is not real love. True Love is only for the sake of love itself. The only wish of a True Lover is to be united with the Beloved. Love is awakened when the currents of love, which emanate from the Beloved, enter into our hearts. This is True Love, and it is not dependent on any outside influence.

What is Prem (Love)? This is a question the answer to which is in the hands of a lover. Others cannot understand even a small fraction of it.

If you wish to know about Love, go to a Saint and ask him. If you want to know how the heart goes out of your hands, ask one who has lost his heart.