Love is the State of giving away One’s Heart

Nothing that has been created in this world is devoid of love. Love in its full and complete form was the Ocean of Bliss. Therefore, in the Ocean of God’s Bliss, there was nothing but Bliss and Oneness only.

The meaning of Prem (Love) is the merging of one’s self into the object of love. It has a wonderful attraction or strong pulling power. The word ‘prem’ is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘pre’, which means a thing that pleases the heart and attracts it. Another definition of ‘prem’ is ‘a surrender of the heart’.

How does one give away his heart? It is done by casting attentive and loving eyes at the beloved, while directing towards him the currents of loving emotions. The lover sees no faults in the beloved and considers him to be worthy of his high regard for him. This is giving away one’s heart.

Who is a lover? He is a person who becomes a slave of his beloved. After having placed his heart in the hands of the beloved, he roams about in constant anguish of separation.

The natural quality of love is remembrance with a concentrated mind. Concentration is the sequence of intense love. It is a feeling of self-forgetfulness.

Love is the term used for giving away one’s heart on beholding another’s attractive form or qualities, and having warm feeling in the heart for that being.

Love is that which transforms the small drop of the soul into the ocean of God. Love is also that which diverts the mind from all desires of the world and attaches it to the one Beloved, i.e. the Lord.

Love has a concentrating force, which is produced when love is attained to the highest and the fullest extent. It is a condition in which the lover completely forgets himself. In order to tread the Path of Love, one has to forget oneself entirely. By thus losing himself, the lover is able to gain Life Eternal (literally, hundreds of imperishable lives). Such a condition is by no means lassitude of mind, but rather an awakening of the energies which enable one to merge oneself forever in the consciousness of the Lord. Love is an infinite, endless ocean, which cannot be described.