Love is God

Prior to the creation of this world, God was a vast ocean-like All-Consciousness. He was all love, all bliss and self-sufficient. God was everything in Himself and was in a state of blissful quiescence, and His basic form was Love. It was not love for any other being, because none existed. It was for Himself. It was part and parcel of Himself, and He did not have to depend on anything else for this. Such is the indescribable condition of Love.

But we may illustrate it to some extent by an example: Suppose that you are in love with the Lord and have completely merged yourself in Him. Then your own self has been forgotten, your body and mind will be numb, and everything will be forgotten except your love for Him. You then lose yourself in the bliss of contemplating on His love, so much so that there is no difference between „I“ and „You“, and you become Bliss incarnate.

You cannot describe that state of mind, because God is Love and Love is God. Both are one and the same, and both are indescribable. God, in Himself, is a deep ocean of love. We cannot compare the bliss of contemplation on His Love with any other type of happiness or bliss.

Love is a quality of such a kind that it cannot be described in speech or in writing. If anything, it can be compared to a magnet which has extremely powerful attraction. Love was in the beginning of the world, and its influence is even now permeating all material and spiritual regions, whether visible or invisible. That is how all things are attracted towards each other and this world is in existence.