About this Chapter

It is reported, that, when Kirpal Singh handed over this Chapter to Sawan Singh, He asked Him (Kirpal) to read it in public. After Kirpal Singh had read it out, Sawan Singh asked Him to read it again, and so it happened consecutively several times.

When Kirpal Singh had ceased at last, Sawan Singh's eyes were filled with tears.

Gurumat Sidhant is a book written by me – through my hands I would say, not by me, but by the God-Master within me. I used to write it down and take it to Master to read it to Him so that He may give the final yes. Once, I wrote what happened to an initiate who is left behind after the Master has left the physical plane. That was a very practical statement, description, given.

There was a Master, Dadu by name, who had an initiate who was not at the place when his Master left the body. When he came to His tomb, he lay down on the tomb. And, he repeated this couplet:

Oh Master, without You I could not live for a moment. It is not bearable.

So He passed away. The second Guru of the Sikhs, when his Master left the body, became a recluse never to show his face to anybody. To live without the Master is very difficult, unbearable. We know when the Master leaves He is never away from the initiate, but the initiate as a son of man has great suffering. Even now when I remember my Master, I shed tears. But, He left His orders. Why? There is no questioning why.

When I read out that part of the Gurmat Sidhant to Him He said,

That's all right, Kirpal Singh. Read it again!

I had just quoted two or three sentences like that. Then again I read it to Him. Again He said,

Will you read it again?

Again I read it. Perhaps, He was telling me,

You, poor fellow, have the same fate awaiting you.

He was perhaps preparing me,

You poor fellow will have exactly the same fate after me.

There are so many sweet remembrances of the Master, you see. This is everything. One poet says,

To live in paradise without the Master is a hell for me. And, to live in hell with my Master is a paradise for me.

But, these words can be appreciated only by those who are really devoted to the Master.

Don’t Forget Him
Christmas Day, 1971,
Manav Kendra, Morning Darshan