Time for devotional Practice

God has created this body with its worldly attachments and worldly desires. But in this body we can sow the seed of Hari Bhakti – devotion to the Lord –, and all times are suitable for this purpose. Day and night both are good for this purpose. If we only plan to practise devotion and waste all of our time in planning, then no time would remain for devotion.

If we start thinking about the time for devotion, then no time remains for devotion itself. He alone is a true devotee who remains in devotion day and night.

Adi Granth

The time of elixir which is in the early morning hours is, however, considered to be the most appropriate time for this purpose because the seed of devotion to God, sown at such a time, is never wasted.

Hari (God) is a treasure full of all precious jewels, and one can get this treasure if one devotes oneself to remembering Him at the elixir time.

Adi Granth

The treasure of Hari’s Name, if sown at the time of elixir, will produce results which can be used freely and will never diminish.

Adi Granth