Bhakti – Devotion is not idleness

Bhakti does not teach us to remain idle, because a devotee works, and all his actions are surrendered in devotion to God. In other words, he is not concerned with reward. We cannot be free from actions, but we should perform our worldly duties in order to keep this temple of God – the human body – in proper condition.

By this method the Lotus Feet of the Lord will be imprinted in our hearts and we shall always sing His praises.

The Lotus Feet of the Lord are in my heart. The Name of God is on my tongue. Oh Nanak, what harm can come to a person who remembers God every minute?

Adi Granth

Devotion to God is the true reward in our life.

Adi Granth

We merge ourselves in Him only if He beckons to us and gives us the benefit of devotion.

Adi Granth

The religious customs and rites that produce faith and devotion in us are useful, and we should follow them. 

Jami says:

Lose your name and your religious customs in devotion for the only custom that is recommended is that by which the idea of devotion is produced in us.