Prerequisites for Devotion

In order to be truly devoted it is necessary to believe in the omnipresence of the Lord. True devotees are always welcome at the Gates of God. They give their devotion to God through the grace of the Lotus Feet of Saints, because it is only through them that they are able to see God everywhere and are thus devoted to Him.

Devotion is a natural attribute of the heart. But this quality can be developed only through the grace of a True Master who is himself dyed in devotion to the Lord. The knowledge obtained from books is not sufficient.

Why should one be devoted to somebody else, and to whom should one be devoted? How should that devotion be performed? What methods should be used for that purpose? All these things can be learned from a Master.

Saint Ravi Das says:

The feeling of devotion in one’s mind is not awakened without the company of Saints, and without such a feeling devotion is not complete.