Devotion is natural

The path of devotion is the easiest, and everybody is capable of treading it. The feeling of devotion is to be found in human beings and in some of the lower types of life like cattle, dogs and some other animals.
It is a natural quality and is designed by God Himself. Everyone has it to some extent, although it is more developed in some than in others.

There are different types of devotees:

  • Hirsi – Those who practise devotion only superficially, simply because they see others who are devoted and try to imitate them.

  • Arat – Restless persons

  • Jigyasu – Seekers

  • Artha Art – Selfish persons

  • Gyani – Intellectual persons

Hirsi: People of this type have no real desire for devotion, but when they see genuine devotees they imitate them and thus come into the company of Saints. Naturally, it takes a very long time for them to reach the stage of true devotion.

Arat: Those who become restless because of worldly troubles, as a result of which they seek the protection of the Lord. They believe God to be everything. This devotion is of two kinds. One is of a lower order, and the other is of a very high order. The devotion of a lower order is like that of a sheep dog for his master. Even if the shepherd is very poor or of a low status, to the dog he is the king of kings, and nothing can shake the dog from his devotion to his master. Such devotion is simple and ordinary. But gradually it becomes of a very high order, and in due course such a person desires nothing but love for God to be present in him. Such a devotee does not see the faults or weaknesses of the object of his devotion.

Jigyasu: A Jigyasu is a seeker who wants to know something about God. What he is able to learn, creates belief and then faith in Him. Then the feeling of devotion is naturally aroused. In the beginning, however, he tries to thwart his own ideal by reasoning. But gradually all his doubts are removed and he subsequently loves not only God but His creation also.

Artha Arthi: This is a person who has some worldly or religious purpose in mind, and indulges in devotion for an ulterior motive such as wealth, fame, power, and so forth. But when his selfish motives are fulfilled, he does not leave devotion. Naturally his love for and faith in the Lord, as a result of which he satisfied his ulterior motives, does not diminish. In the beginning he loves the devotees of the Lord and hates others, but gradually this is removed and in due course he loves all the creatures of the Lord.

Gyani: This is a different type of devotion from the other four types, because such a person, having knowledge, knows about action and reaction, about religion and spiritual matters, and he then becomes a devotee of the Lord with faith and love. Such a man is ready to make progress, and as soon as he has an opportunity to meet a Master; he is immediately successful on the Path.