Devotion consists in one-pointed Attention and needs only one Support

Devotion is not a subject for reasoning or even for thinking. It is an intuitive emotion of love. The intellect cannot comprehend it. It has a strong and spontaneous magnetic power which is beyond one’s control, and which attracts one to an object seen or even unseen.

A devotee must have faith. Firm belief is a prerequisite. When that belief takes the form of faith it turns into devotion, and eventually it culminates in love. Worldly attractions or pleasures do not interest such a devotee. Only love for the Lord and a strong attraction towards Him remain.

To remove from the mind all desires for the things of the world and to turn the mind towards the Lord alone, is devotion. Thus all our desires and all our actions are surrendered to the Lord. The ego vanishes automatically, the devotee thinks that everything belongs to the Lord, and that he himself also belongs to Him, and ultimately he merges in Him.

Shankaracharya says:

Oh Lord, although there is no difference between you and me, yet I am yours and you are not me! Why? The waves arise from the ocean but the ocean does not come out of the waves.

Guru Nanak, at one time was employed in the provision store of a king and was once weighing some grain on a pair of scales. After he had weighed twelve times and was weighing the thirteenth (tera), he called out:

Tera, tera! (Besides the figure 13, tera also means yours.)

He was so absorbed in the love of the Lord that as soon as he said „tera“, his mind’s attention immediately centred on the Lord. As he continued weighing, instead of going to the next number and the succeeding numbers, he constantly cried out: Tera, tera. (Yours, yours.)

Oh Lord, I am yours. I am yours, and this is all yours.

All worldly ties are broken and only the support of the Lord remains for one who is engaged in devotion without any idea of self. So long as such devotion is directed to lower beings instead of the Lord, it is not the highest type. But as soon as the devotion is directed towards God alone, leaving no room for worldly objects, reasoning, intellect or other supports, then instinctively a voice comes from the individual’s mind, uttering the following words:

Oh Lord, you are the support of my life. I bow to you hundreds and thousands of times. While sitting, walking, sleeping or awake, I am thinking only of you. You are my support, my family, my strength, my wealth and everything.

Adi Granth

All observances, except devotion, viz., Karma (Actions), Gyan (Knowledge) and Yoga (Discipline) are performed with some effect. In devotion one has to seek only the support of God. So long as we depend on anything other than God, the temple of our mind (human body) does not become fit for God to enter.

Oh heart! You should vacate your house so that there will be room for your Lord to enter; otherwise He will go somewhere else.

Adi Granth

Tulsi Das says:

I have the support of only one. He is my strength, He is my hope, and He is my faith. To my Guru I offer all my love, and I am restless for His Lotus Feet like the (chatrak) rain bird for a drop of rain.