Fruits of Dhun

Mind is not amenable to control, even though millions of ordinary methods may be tried. Yogis of the past tried all their techniques and failed; the intellectuals gained nothing from philosophical discussions and critical commentaries; the efforts of anchorites performing penances and austerities proved abortive; the learned use all their knowledge, but with intellect and cleverness alone they failed to subdue the mind. The only remedy for controlling the mind is to listen to the Sound Current. No second way exists.

When the mind listens to the Shabd Dhun, it is completely enraptured by the bliss that Dhun confers. One who has joined his consciousness with Dhun goes beyond the reach of Kal, the Negative Power, and thus ends the ages-long cycle of birth and rebirth. The mind becomes still after hearing the sweet Melody, with the result that one’s ego vanishes and one gains his heart’s desire.

The Shabd Dhun permeates all beings, and by listening to it one becomes a Saint, God’s Name then dwells in the heart and one is attuned to Him. It is through the aid of Dhun that the Soul merges in the Lord.