Whence do we get the Dhun?

This melody ceaselessly resounds in every human being. It emanates from God Himself. It is resounding day and night, but it is God’s fit. By obtaining it the soul merges in the Lord.

The music resounds within. It is only a highly-evolved soul, however, who can put us in contact with it. It is through His Grace that one can attain it. But Sahaj Dhun one can acquire only in the company of Saints. When this happens, one is able to merge in the Lotus Feet of the Lord and is freed forever from woe and misery.

By steadfast devotion at the Feet of the Master one attains freedom from the clutches of the Negative Power. Kal is mighty and powerful. No one can conquer him. Yet even Kal remains away from Dhun.

The Inner Melody is resounding ceaselessly. It is eternal. But in spite of its ring day and night in everybody, we remain poor. We are deprived of this treasure. It lies latent in us, but we quit the scene of life without awakening to it. We never care to dig for the treasure. It is only when we meet a Master and follow his instructions that we become aware of it and open the knot of the material and the conscious.

The Dhun is wide-awake within. Together with It there is Light.

Those persons who may have acquired Powers to perform miracles, although they may sit long in meditation, remain unaware of it. They assert that there is only ‘Silence’ within and nothing else. If they were to contact a genuine Adept, they would realize both Light and Sound within and would then be free of doubts, suspicions and dissensions.

The Sahaj Dhun does not reveal itself automatically. It comes about only through Simran and Dhyan. On its manifestation, one gains salvation. This is the real Arti that continues without ceasing. It ends only at the time of death. In the Sikh Scriptures it has been termed Kirtan. This true worship, in which resounds the Divine Music, is realized through a Master who has himself conquered death.

The real adoration of the soul is the Katha, Kirtan, Rag, Nad or Dhun, which pleases God. When this is heard the devotees’ desires are fulfilled.

Where can we get this Dhun

God is our real Lord. In His Court resounds the Divine Melody. When a devotee is able to still his wandering mind and, with the help of a Master, gains access to Daswan Dwar – the Tenth Door –, there he drinks the Elixir of Life.

It is at this place that the Master showers Ambrosia and the Sound Current resounds. Sahaj-Dhun then manifests in the body. By listening to it one subdues the mind, and the temple of the body becomes sublime.

The Shabd in this temple has five resonances. These are the guide-posts for our journey homewards. Therefore this Dhun is also called the five Sounds.

When the soul currents rise up, after leaving the six body centres – chakras –, the Dhun manifests itself. The Dhun emanates from the Lord’s Home and reverberates in all of us in the forehead, between the two eyebrows.