Fruits of Contemplation

Tulsi Sahib, the Saint of Hathras, says:

It is immaterial whether or not a person has been born into this world if he does not contemplate upon the form of his Master.

Without beholding the Resplendent Form of the Master within, one can never purify the mind. So long as the Radiant Form does not manifest, we remain ignorant of Gurmat and consequently of the higher planes of true spirituality.

Hafiz says:

Such inner Contemplation is a gift from the Master. But it is obtained only when the Lord wills it. The outer learning and contemplation do not lead to God-Realization, with the consequence that the soul continues to be tied to this world.

The Sikh Scriptures detail a number of the advantages that accrue from Contemplation upon the form of the Master who is God Incarnate. By such Contemplation one is freed from the shackles of this world. Then sin, misery and fear vanish, and one imbibes purity. The angels of death have nothing to do with such a one, for he attains equanimity and bliss, and gains his real Home. He is given honour and glory in the Court of the Lord. The light merges in its source. As a consequence, he has everlasting happiness, true knowledge and Naam. All desires are fulfilled. All impurities are removed. The soul transcends the world of phenomena and wins name and fame both in this world and the next.