The Practice of Repetition of Names is for Everybody

The practice of Repetition is for all – rich and poor – and whoever does it becomes eligible for its reward. But the Simran should be self-less. King or subject, man or woman, of whatever caste, creed or colour they may be, all carry out Simran. Whoever does the Simran of Naam (Word), gains salvation. He is highest of all and is truly fortunate. Everybody remembers the Lord for the fulfilment of desires. One does so for a wife, another yearns for a son, and still other asks for wealth. Everyone has a motive behind his Simran. Of course, the objects of desires are achieved, but they do not accompany one when he dies. Even his body remains behind. What else can ever go with one at the time of his departure?

Kabir says:

He who carries out self-less Simran is the sublimest of all.

This means that we should beg of God naught else but God. The Scriptures tell us that all things in this world are transitory. They are truly shadow shapes that vanish in a moment. Therefore, begging for anything other than God Himself is to suffer untold misery. So long as the Simran is done with an ulterior motive, we are asking God for objects of the world, and thus bringing further privations upon ourselves. 

It is only the self-less Simran that is acceptable to God.

A Muslim Saint says:

Do not blacken your heart with useless thoughts. Ask not from God aught else but Him.