Time for Simran

Simran should be done with every breath – sitting, standing, walking, eating – one should so remember Him with one-pointed attention that he becomes inseparable from Him and does not stray away. But special times for Simran are the night, the midnight and the time of Elixir – from 2am to 5am.

Simran during these periods is highly fruitful. (see Chapter Amrit Vela)

Hafiz enjoins:

Do not waste your time in sleep, because the remembrance of God at midnight and in the early morning hours merits special blessings from the Lord.

Night-time is particularly suited for Simran because of quiet and solitude. At this time the soul currents are not scattered. With the rising of the sun, these currents greatly spread out. Dawn and dusk are times of union (night with day and day with night), and these times have a special spiritual and magnetic power latent in them. The result is that we are then completely saturated with our Master. At these times, without any effort, concentration comes automatically. Therefore, these two periods are very profitable for Repetition of the Holy names.

Carry out Repetition and Contemplation during the time of Elixir, after leaving your bed. Get over drowsiness and lassitude by deep breathing and some light exercise. At this time the mind is quiet and fresh and it easily concentrates.