Precepts of Simran

The Saints tell us that we are all accustomed to repeat certain names. How good it would be if we were to turn our attention to the Name of God! Simran gives pleasure and removes pain. By doing the Simran of the Lord, one merges in Him.

Many people perform their worldly Tasks with their hands and feet. Their minds remain free. Employ your hands and feet in work, and your mind in the remembrance of the Lord. If one is to succeed in this practice, he should carry out Simran at all times whether awake or asleep, just as the hands of a clock move ceaselessly.

Everybody thinks of God in adversity, but if one were to think of Him with love at all times, then no pain would ever visit him. Pain is the result of sin. By forgetting God, one moves away from Him. In this way, he falls victim to the endless cycle of births and deaths.

If he were to carry out Simran when in fortunate circumstances, his willpower and mind would grow strong. Even if a calamity should befall him, he would remain indifferent to it.

If a person has failed to do Simran during a time of ease, but has taken to it only at the time of a reverse, or on falling ill, or on getting involved in a lawsuit, little can be expected from it. If Simran were to be done ceaselessly, all cares and anxieties would vanish. Then the mind would not give up Simran even for a second.

Kabir says:

Everybody remembers Him in times of distress and nobody does so during felicity. If one were to remember him while leading a life of ease, why should pain ever visit him? When Simran is not done during comfort and is remembered only during grief, who can ever answer such a supplication?

The Adi Granth has placed great emphasis on Simran.

Remember the Lord with every breath. Forget Him not even for a moment.

Likewise have Muslim Saints emphasized its great need:

The Lord has thus ordained:

You remember me and I shall remember you.

Hazrat Mohammed says:

Persons who repeat the Holy Names of God have angels around them. The Grace of God protects them. They enjoy peace and bliss. God remembers them.

In the Hadis1 it is stated:

A person who intends to be near God should contact Incarnate in the flesh (a perfect Master), because in him resides always the remembrance of the Names of God.

Further, the Hadis says:

I am a close companion of him who thinks of Me. I love him who loves Me.

Farid-ud-Din Attar says:

In your prayers behold your Beloved. Both within and without live in His remembrance, and remember Him inwardly as well as outwardly. In His worship make no one else a partner, for God is One without a second.

The real fast consists in withdrawing the senses from sensual pursuits and employing them in His remembrance.

Simran is possible only with the Grace of the Lord and through the kindness of a Master.

Simran is a precious practice. It is only through great good luck that a person takes to Simran.

The secret of Simran one can learn from a True Master alone.


Footnote: 1) In Islam the traditions of the sentences and actions of Prophet Mohammed are called Hadis or Hadith.