Place of Simran

How can we reach the place where we can contact the Sound Current? Because this Sound Current is not the subject of intellect, eyes, or ears, what method then can we adopt by which we may become so fine as to catch and enjoy the Sound?

To do this we have to concentrate our attention at the Third Eye by means of Simran. This point has been referred to as “Shiv Netr" by the Hindus and “Nuqta-i-Swaida" by the Muslims. This is the gate of the Astral and Causal regions. In the waking state it is the headquarters of the soul, and it lies above the six physical centres of the body. Next, we have to go beyond Anda and Brahmanda.

The yogis first awaken the six centres of the body and then ascend higher. However, if we concentrate at the headquarters of the soul (during waking hours), our progress can be both easy and quick. It is for this reason that in the Hindu Scriptures as well as in the Adi Granth Sahib, great emphasis has been placed on Simran being carried out at the Third Eye, the headquarters of the soul in the body.

In order to concentrate at this centre, we have to carry out one-pointedly the Simran of some name or names of the Lord. Other methods are unnecessary.

Guru Arjan says:

The real mode of doing Simran is mentally keeping the attention at the Third Eye. When it is not thus done, it aggravates body ailments, devoid as it is of the Grace of the Lord.

What are the names which one should repeat, and what is their connection with God?

For Simran there are two kinds of names:

  1. Personal or subjective names.
  2. attributive or qualitative names.

Generally, people repeat the names describing the Lord by one attribute or another. Such repetition is beneficial only up to a limit, for it fails to open the inner vision and enable one to witness inner phenomena. Saints, therefore, reveal to us the names of the presiding deities of the regions within. Therefore, the names that a Master imparts are the only ones to be repeated; for they alone can lead the way. These names are also energy-charged and help the transference of spiritual energy to the disciple, with the result that rapid progress follows.

The negative Power has placed a number of impediments in these regions, with which the soul traversing the Astral and the Causal planes has to contend. These can be overcome by repeating the holy Names given to us by a True Master (Satguru). They also save the devotee from other difficulties and pitfalls. Simran of such holy Names is beneficial both here and beyond. It is for this reason that Scriptures lay emphasis on repeating only such names.

The Names that are revealed to us by a True Master carry His power, and this comes to the aid of the disciple, enabling him to transcend both death and the Negative Power. The words of the Master are eternal, and through them we are freed from the cycle of births and deaths. Therefore, whatever Names are bestowed upon us by a Master are conducive to our greatest good. Each Name carries its own influence.

If you think of a mango or some other fruit known to you, you remember the taste and its flavour in your mouth. You also see it with your mind’s eye. Similarly, other objects appear before our mind’s eye, when we name them. When we talk of a friend, we get a mental picture of him, for the name and the person named are inseparable. To live by His name is to live near Him.

Vyas Rishi, while translating one of the verses of Patanjali Rishi says:

This name (Om) is closely connected with God.

Muin du din Chishti says:

The name and the person named are one. Between them there is no difference. In the greatness of names, discern the glory of God.

It is true that by repeating the Name of God, whether it is personal or qualitative, one’s mind is deeply influenced, because Repetition and Contemplation go hand in hand.

By Simran of Holy Names, we get rid of the thoughts of the world. One feels the presence of God. Ultimately, Simran leads us to the unstruck music which is the means of taking the soul to upper realms. By repeating the Varan-Atmak names, we gain access to the Dhun-Atmak Name.

Muin du din Chishti clarifies:

If you have the Name of God fully ingrained within you, rest assured that God Himself is your companion. It behoves you, therefore, to fly to the pure upper regions. The only requirement is that you fly on the wings of God’s Names. When I listen to His Name, the Word or the Divine Melody, I am ready to sacrifice a hundred lives.