Whose Service should be performed

Except for the service of the Lord, all pilgrimages, all holy baths in sacred waters, and all other types of worship are meaningless. If you serve other beings, you serve with some ulterior motive, but real service to God is not for material or other gains. Therefore, we should serve God out of sheer love for and devotion to Him. Otherwise, it is just like drinking a cup of poison while discarding the cup filled with Ambrosia, and putting ourselves to all kinds of difficulties and privations. All other kinds of service lead nowhere and are without any profit or purpose.

Man should, therefore, search for a Perfect Master who is able to give him the gift of Naam, the greatest of all Gifts, because by this gift we are freed from the shackles of coming and going. And we should have, as our aim of service, only the love of God and His Saints, who are God Incarnate.

The house -  the body - that is devoid of such service is like a cemetery. But the service of the Saints is possible only through the abundant Grace of the Lord. And those who perform this service without ego, receive all the blessings of the Lord as well as of the Master, who is the embodiment of the Lord.

A study of the ancient history of India will reveal that in Sat Yuga - the True or Golden Age - and in Treta Yuga - the Silver Age -, education was imparted by the Masters in places far removed from human habitations, and the student was wholly occupied physically, mentally and spiritually in the service of his Master. In the third yuga, that is the Dwapar - Copper or Bronze Age -, this type of education began to disappear slowly and in its place idol worship started. In Kali Yuga - the Iron Age -, which is the present age, such rendering of service to the Master has altogether disappeared except in the case of a rare few.

Even in the epic poem, Mahabharat, Arjuna was told by Lord Krishna in the famous Song Celestial known as Bhagavad Gita, about objective and subjective actions.

In a nutshell, it amounts to saying that if a person offer all his actions at the altar of his Master, then whatever action he performs is without any punishment, and he will without doubt obtain release from the cycle of transmigration.

But now, in this formidable Kali Yuga - the Iron Age -, God Almighty, in His abundant Grace, has sent His own Incarnations and Param Sants namely, Kabir, Guru Nanak and others, into this world to preach the doctrine of Master-Disciple Service.

This tradition of Master-Disciple relationship continues today.

  • Kabir Sahib
  • Nanak Sahib
  • The known 8 Gurumukh-Gurus
  • Gobind Singh
  • Ratnagar Rao
  • Tulsi Sahib
  • Shiv Dayal Singh (Soami Ji)
  • Jaimal Singh
  • Sawan Singh
  • Kirpal Singh (Guru Nanak said, in the End of Kali Yuga, God Almighty will come as Din Dayal Kirpal)
  • His Khalsas and Gurumukhs (Kirpal´s Ambassador of Truth)

So springtime is upon us now; there will be more fragrant Saints, I would say now, who will come up and give us through the Grace of God, a contact with the God-into-Expression Power. And this is the revolution, the spiritual revolution, which is coming up – an awakening all around.

Kirpal Singh