Who can serve the Master and the Lord?

Only such a one is in a position to serve the Master who has an abundant Grace of the Lord, because this service is imprinted on the individual’s forehead and was preordained as the result of his previous life’s actions or karmas.

He is fortunate indeed who devotes himself to the service to his Master, because the Lord Himself is manifest in him. And only that person can serve the Master whom the Lord ordains. Service has many rewards, but the unique one is that a person imbibes the qualities of the person whom he serves.

Service should be performed with devotion and reverence. When there is Love in the heart and reverence in the eyes, then God-Realisation becomes easy to achieve. A disciple should serve his Master without arrogance and without any idea1 of reward, and always with the aim of pleasing the Master. By this method his mind will always be contemplating the Master. And if you contemplate on a person intensely, you will one day imbibe the qualities of that person.

A person who destroys his ego, implicitly obeys his Master and worships the Lord with focused attention, is always dear to Him.

Actually, a True disciple is one who serves his Master and works according to the wishes of his Master. And it is in him that Shabd becomes manifest. All the difficulties of such a person are automatically resolved and his desires are fulfilled. However, it is very difficult to attain such a state because it can only come with the unbounded Grace of the Master.

Serving the Master is superior to all types of penance, all types of prayers, all types of recitals, and all types of pilgrimages by which man tries to purify himself.


Footnote: 1) Kirpal Singh says analogously:

Each idea / imagination is a wish and each thought an illusion.