Which Kind of Service is desirable?

Everybody serves a Master in his own way. But what kind of service is gainful and deserving of merit?

Guru Ram Das says:

Only such service as is acceptable and pleasing to the Master is rewarding. And if He is pleased, all our evil karmas are obliterated. Indeed, by serving the Master we achieve God-Realisation. But if a person serves the Master for his own personal gain, that service goes unrewarded.

How do we know that our service to the Master has been rewarded?

Any service which helps us in listening to the Sound Current within is a real and rewarding service.

The Adi Granth Sahib states:

He who serves the Master is sure to hear the Shabd.

Of all types of service in the world, service to the Master is acceptable in the Court of the Lord, because by such worship one can gain admittance into His Court. Such persons as serve and worship the Master, thereby worship the Lord and gain His favour. If you ever wish to please the Lord, worship thou thy Master.

The Adi Granth says:

We should worship the Master and thereby throw all responsibility for our Salvation on His shoulders. Truly speaking, the Master is God incarnate, and by worshipping the Master, we worship the Lord.