Service by Soul

This service consists in withdrawing one’s soul current from every pore of the body, and connecting it with Shabd, the Audible Life Stream. By doing this, all practices – devotion, repetition, penances, austerities, etc. – are automatically accomplished and the ego is destroyed. The aim of all such practices is realised when one surrenders himself to the True Master, Who is really God Incarnate. And one can truly surrender only through His Grace and by means of the Spiritual Practice which consists in listening to the Inner Shabd, the Word or the Audible Life Stream.

We are by now aware of various types of service by the soul. But the soul can render service only through the Grace of God. In order to win His Grace, we should pray to the Saints Who are God Incarnate. Thus, it is with the Grace of the Master that the soul is able to render service.

The ability to merge oneself with the Name of God – Naam, Word, Shabd or the Audible Life Stream – is beyond the comprehension of the intellect. It is therefore only through the Grace of a Master that the soul can render service. And the Master’s Grace is invoked when – by means of devotion – the disciple completely renounces his ego.

How can we achieve this? It is possible only when the soul, by means of repetition of the Holy Names given by the Master, goes within by withdrawing itself from the nine outlets of the body, pierces through a star, the sun and the moon, and beholds the Radiant Form of the Master. It then merges in the Shabd – Word, Sound Current – and gradually rises by stages until it reaches its final Goal. That is the True Service by soul.


Footnote: Man has a physical body. He also has a mind and an intellect, as well as a soul. With the body he accumulates wealth and all other physical amenities. Body is served by body, and mind is served by mind. But soul is by far the most precious of the three.

And it is a Master Who gives us the gift of the knowledge of the soul. That is why a person should offer his body, his wealth and his mind to the Master in order to achieve the gift of Naam.