All the worldly objects (even our bodies) are transitory and have to be left here. During our entire life we are engulfed by these temporary objects of the world.

But God is without a beginning and without an end. A human being is a combination of his body and soul, the former being subject to dissolution, and the latter eternal and permanent because it is a particle of the Indestructible Lord.

This body is for the use of the soul, and all our connections with the world are through this body.

We must take care to keep the body in good health and in proper condition.

But the best feature of the body is that it is the temple of the soul, and any respect or honour that is due to it, is deserved only so long as the soul resides in the body. We should, therefore, spend some time for the development of our soul, when we waste so much time on nurturing the body day and night.

We know much about physical sciences and about many other subjects, but we know little about our own self. When we sit in the company of Saints, we begin to realize that death is real and life is unreal. Our life is ebbing every day, every hour and every minute. And every second is bringing us nearer to our death.

This world is not our permanent abode, and we have to leave it after our allotted span is over. We should not forget our death by being engrossed in worldly activities and pleasures. At the time of death, when the soul leaves the body, our body, our material wealth and all our possessions are worth no more than a piece of straw.

The only lasting value in life is to merge in the Lord by means of Shabd (Sound Current), because the worth of our body as well as the soul is increased when we have contacted Shabd. It is only the soul which is eternal in the body, and we should therefore make our best efforts to know all we can about it, for then alone can we know ourselves.

Naam is invaluable. We should obtain the secret of Naam from a Satguru (True Master) and achieve our Goal in this very life. For that will help us not only in this world but also in the worlds beyond.

Human life is not easy to get, and the human form provides us with the only opportunity of meeting the Lord. Whatever work we do, we do with our body and with our senses. But this will not help our soul. The only thing worthy of achievement and of lasting value is the company of the Saints, because through them alone can we attain Naam (Shabd or Sound Current), and thence the Lord Himself.