At which Centre should one contemplate
on the Form of the Master and in what manner?

In Satsang or whenever one has an opportunity to see the Master, one should, like a small child, gaze at him without blinking the eyes. One should also fix his attention on the entire face of the Master. At such time no extraneous thought should be allowed to enter the mind. By this method of Contemplation, we imbibe within ourselves the active influence of our Master's way of life. This constitutes the first step in our progress towards spirituality.

The physical form of the Master is all pure, so an impure mind cannot imbibe His purity, much less behold Him within. In order to practise Contemplation (Dhyan Yog), it is necessary to have a pure mind. The Master's beautiful form, full of purity and love, can be discerned only by pure and loving eyes. One should, therefore, look at him with a pure mind and a loving heart, as the Muslims look at the moon on the Id eve. The Radiant Form of the Master cannot be perceived by every eye. This can be visualized only by rare, noble souls.