On whom shall we contemplate?

Our aim in life is to meet the Lord. In order to meet Him, we should repeat His Name and contemplate upon Him. But since we have not seen Him, how can we do so? God is beyond the reach of our mind and our physical eyes, so on whose form should we contemplate?

God manifests Himself through Shabd, which is a language without words. It can be heard only by one with a pure mind. But a great soul who has merged in the Lord through Shabd, is virtually the Lord in human form, as he and the Lord are one. 

Of such a soul one can truly say:

And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us.

St John 1:14

And that soul, in the human form, is worthy of our contemplation because not only has he all the five tattwas (elements) complete in him but he has become one with the Lord.

Man is the epitome of all creation, and a true Master is the greatest of all men. All other species, such as birds, trees, insects and beasts are below the status of men, and if we were to contemplate on them, we definitely would be pulled down.

It is for this reason that the Saints have advocated contemplation on the form of a Master. His real form is the Light of Truth. Even his physical body is like a bright mirror in which the Lord is reflected.