Dhyan or Contemplation

We automatically think of the form whose Simran we may be doing, and it is not possible to separate one from the other. Whenever we close our eyes and start thinking, we see immediately the images of our children, of our domestic life, of our work, of our country, of the seas and oceans, or of other objects of the world about which we may be thinking. When the spiritual practice is done properly, one should be able to behold the Lord with the eye of the soul (single eye) and listen to His voice with the ear of the soul (inner ear).

Soul has two faculties:

  1. Surat (hearing) and

  2. Nirat (seeing)

The Surat functions in listening within or in doing the Simran. The function of Nirat is that of seeing within or in doing contemplation.

The next step toward attaining communion with God is Dhyan or Contemplation. This is the result of successful Simran, because this can be achieved only if the Simran has been successful.

By Simran the soul currents are concentrated at the eye centre, which is also known as the Tenth Lane, the Tenth Gate or the Third Eye. By means of Contemplation, the soul rises to the regions above. The soul is really blind until the inner vision is developed, which enables it to witness spiritual sights within.

In our spiritual journey upwards, shows Nirat (seeing power) the way, and Surat (hearing power) announces the place. By this method the soul is able to merge itself in Shabd (which will take it to its Original Home). Contemplation or Dhyan is natural to every human being, and apparently impossible things are achieved by means of Contemplation.