Object of Simran

The object of Simran is to have communion with God. The soul alone can realize Him. It is not possible for the mind, the senses or the intellect to know God. But so long as the soul is active in all parts of the body and in the objects outside, it cannot know the Lord.

By doing Simran according to the Master's instructions, we withdraw our attention from the worldly objects, thus withdrawing mind and soul currents from every pore of the body, bringing them to the eye centre, and concentrating them there. In this manner the mind and the soul are concentrated at the headquarters of the mind and the soul in the body, and the body becomes dead to the world. When this happens, then a person has conquered death while living.

When the practice is properly done and one's inner eye opens, then that individual becomes aware of eternal consciousness. Simran is a ladder which takes us to the higher regions where we may have communion with the Lord. Whoever finds pleasure in doing Simran as instructed by the Master, will one day assume or merge into the form of God Himself. It is for this reason that all Saints have preached and taught the proper method of doing Simran within.