What is Simran and how should it be done?

To remember the Lord with every breath of our life is known as Simran. Simran is practised with the ultimate aim of attaining communion with Him. Simran should be done in accordance with the instructions of a Master whose own soul has merged in God. Such Simran will result in the greatest good, because it makes use of thought transference (Master to disciple), which removes all obstacles that confront us in our transport to the upper regions.

Thus the soul receives personal and constant guidance on the difficult path leading to the upper spiritual regions.

Simran should be done by sitting in a comfortable posture, by concentrating the attention at the centre between the two eyebrows, and by lovingly and devotedly repeating the Holy Names with the tongue of the soul. By doing this, the wavering mind becomes steady and one is able to achieve concentration.

Simran, of course, can be done while waiting, walking, or in other conditions. Nor is it necessary to neglect worldly duties for this purpose. On the contrary, one should earn one's own living. One should keep one's mind and body unperturbed, in order to practise Simran as instructed by the Master. The hearing and the seeing power of the soul should also be developed. This kind of Simran, even for a moment, is far more efficacious than Simran of various other types, even if done for ages.