That Simran is best which leads to Inner Concentration

If Simran is done with the attention of the soul or with the tongue oft thought then the heart of that individual becomes attuned to the Lord.

All worldly thoughts vanish from the mind of the person who practises in this way, and are replaced by the thought of the Lord. Then one feels His presence everywhere.

Kabir Sahib says:

By repeating 'Thou', I became 'Thou'. For, when the I-ness vanished from me, I saw nothing but 'Thou'.

A person who has naught but the remembrance of God in his mind is truly great.

We run after the objects of this world through our senses. And if we were to analyse it carefully, we would know that there are three main avenues through which we run out:

  1. The tongue – through speech.

  2. The eyes – through vision. We give and  receive impressions through the eyes.

  3. The ears – through hearing.

In this manner the impressions of the world enter our mind. In order to keep these impressions away, one should have the seal of Simran on his tongue. Then the same organ will produce impressions of the remembrance of the Lord on our subconscious mind. By continuous Simran, our previous impressions will be erased. If any new thoughts arise, they will be concerning the Lord. This will eventually result in concentration of the mind and soul. This method is natural and easy, and every person, in any walk of life, can adopt it.

In order to do the inner Simran, it is not necessary to resort to other methods like breath control, because these methods are difficult to perform and are artificial in nature. Above all, they involve risk in being performed by a householder or a physically weak person.