Method of meeting the Lord and details of practice necessary

Soul is of the essence of the Lord. Kabir also has said that soul is a fragment of Ram (God). The soul in the human body is a priceless jewel, and maintenance of life as well as the functioning of the body are dependent upon its energy. The Saints teach that such a priceless jewel should find its fulfillment in blissful union with God.

If a person's attention is fixed at the headquarters of the soul in the body, then gradually his mind becomes cleansed and in course of time he begins to feel that all else is worthless in comparison to his quest for God-Realization.

The headquarters of the soul in the body is located at the eye center. From this point the currents of the soul spread throughout the body, giving it life and providing the necessary energy for its various functions.

The origin of the soul's manifestation is the primeval Sound (Nij Shabd), on which Sat Shabd, Sar Shabd and Anahad Shabd are dependent. In its upward journey, the soul first contacts the Anahad Shabd and goes up to Sahansdal Kanwal, the first spiritual region, which is the highest region of the yogis. From here, the soul can go beyond the three gunas (qualities) into the Sar Shabd; thence into the Sat Shabd, and finally can merge into the Original Shabd.

Dissolution extends up to the top of Trikuti (the home or origin of the three qualities or gunas). Grand dissolution extends up to the region far beyond Trikuti but just below Sat Lok (Sach Khand). The soul which has been able to contact Anahad Shabd, Sar Shabd, and Sat Shabd will (under the guidance of the Master) merge into the Original Shabd. It becomes clear, therefore, that if one practises Surat Shabd Yoga — which is a complete method — one's soul will be taken to its Origin, the highest abode the Lord, which is beyond both dissolution and grand dissolution.

Guru Nanak has stated that one must have recourse to Surat Shabd practice in order to cross the ocean of life. If this is done in accordance with the instructions of a Master, then even while living in this world he remains free from the evil effects of this world. Such a soul may be compared to a lotus which grows in water and has its roots in water, but its flower remains dry and above the surface of the water. Or it may be likened to a swan which lives in water and yet flies away with perfectly dry wings.

Kabir and other Saints, as well as the ten Sikh Gurus, preached and taught Surat Shabd Yog. This is a complete method for attaining God-Realization. Guru Nanak has said that our Lord is beyond this universe, and we are on this side of the universe.

The Adept or Master connects the soul of the disciple with Shabd, which enables the soul to cross this universe and rise into the regions above.

The method of Surat Shabd Yoga is the means for attaining God-Realization. It is perfectly natural, and easy. Its results are obtained quickly if the instructions are followed with love and faith. By this method one does not encounter the difficulties or the dangers which normally confront one who practises Pranayam.

The practice of breath control is not necessary for attaining spirituality, nor need one leave his work, his hearth and home, his caste, etc. This is a divine method, which can be practised by everybody in this world.