What is required for Spiritual Attainment

According to the teachings of the Saints, there are three essentials for attaining God-Realization:

  1. The Living Master or Satguru.

  2. Satsang, which means being in the presence of the Master and listening to his discourses.

  3. Sat Shabd, which is also called the Audible Life Stream, or the Sound Current (the Word).

The Adept or Master should be perfect. He should have attained God-Realization so that he and God are one. When one has found such a Master, one will eventually attain spiritual peace and the bliss of communion1 with Sat Naam or God.

So long as one has not met such a Master, how can he hope to come out of this darkness which engulfs him? For, so long as one has not heard his Satsang, he cannot be colored in the dye of Spirituality nor will his inner spiritual faculty be awakened in him. And so long as he does not withdraw his attention from the nine doors of the body and meet the Master within at the Tenth, he can make no spiritual progress.


Footnote: 1) The term "communion" dosn't mean the christian rite, in which bread (mostly in form of a host) and wine are distributed as alleged flesh and blood of Christ. Such rituals always are an externalisation, which sometime emerged from the remembrance of something Inner that was lost. Communion originally means "community". So the real communion with Sat Naam or God is a purely inner status, which can experienced only trough the living connection with the Word or the Holy Ghost (Shabd, perceptible as Inner Light and Inner Sound) and that requires no outer rituals.