God-Power, Christ-Power, Master-Power


You will find very specific teachings from the Masters. They taught first of all that the Highest Aim of a man’s life is God first, and the world next. We live, however, for the world first and God next, and we have faith in God only insofar as we get worldly things from Him. If sometimes for some reason or other we do not receive those things, then our faith is broken.

Jesus said:

Except a man be born again he cannot see the Kingdom of God … 

St John 3:3-4 and 6

The Kingdom of God cometh not with observation … The Kingdom of God is within you.

St Luke 17:20-21

By observation is meant – ways which are related to the outgoing faculties.

God is Spirit and we must pray to God in Spirit alone.

St John 4:24

God does not reside in temples made by man, but in the God-made temple of the Man-body. Within that Man-body temple, Jesus said:

Because I live, ye shall live also.

St John 11:26

He did not refer to the outer son of man, the perceptible body, but to the Inner, which gave Light and was the Way back to God through Love.

God made man after His own Image. God is All-Consciousness and Light, and we are also Children of Light. We are conscious entities, environed by mind and matter, and we are kept in the body by the God-Power controlling us. So long as that Power is in the body, we are functioning in it; when that Power is withdrawn, we have to leave it.

Similarly, that very Power is controlling the whole universe and when It is withdrawn, dissolution and grand dissolution set in.

There is a Maker of this universe; it did not just come about by itself. But the Maker Himself is unchangeable, permanent, and the world created by Him, being made of matter, is changing and impermanent.

I would say that the best way to celebrate Christmas Day is to celebrate the lives of these Great Lights daily, with every breath. We do not miss or forget the lessons and the teachings They gave us and we should live up to them daily. We should see the same Christ-Power in ourselves. It is in everyone and It is to be developed through the help given wherever It manifests – call It by any name you like.

Jesus taught that the Kingdom of God could be had only by entering within the Man-body or the True Temple of God. God is the Controlling Power sustaining us in the body. The import of these teachings is that so long as we are in the body, we are identified with the body and outside things, causing us to forget our Inner Selves and fall under a grand delusion. How can we be liberated from this delusion?

The attention, which is the outward expression of our soul, is diffused in the world through the outgoing faculties. First we have to withdraw that attention within, and then rise above body consciousness, above the senses. Only then can we be extricated from the grand delusion that we are the man-body instead of being the indweller of the man-body. Only then can we emerge from our ignorance of some Higher Power keeping us in the body.

What happens at the time of death?

Life withdraws from the feet and rises to the back of the eyes and then darkness appears. While living, you can learn how to rise above the senses, withdraw from the outside to the back of the eyes, which is the seat of the soul in the body, and have your Inner Eye opened. You can see the Light of God, that Light of God Which was personified and called Christ-Power, Guru-Power, or Master-Power.

Jesus told Nicodemus,

Except a man be born again, he cannot see the Kingdom of God.

St John 3:3-4 and 6

Nicodemus then said,

Lord, I am an old man. How can I enter the womb of the mother and be reborn?

Jesus replied:

Flesh is born of the flesh and Spirit of the Spirit.

Our first birth is in the man-body; the second birth is that of being born anew into the Beyond when we learn to die while living. This birth is called the Birth in Christ, Birth in Guru-Power or Birth in God-Power. You must live and die in God-Power. You must be born in Christ, in the Guru-Power or God-Power. Simple wearing of the outer badges of certain schools of thought or performing specific rites and rituals does not make you be born in Christ. Such practices or beliefs may be the preparation of the ground for being born in Christ, but this Birth can be had only if you take up the cross daily. Man-body is the cross.

I was very happy to learn from the newspapers today that Pope Paul is making a pilgrimage to Jerusalem.

We know that Jerusalem is a place of pilgrimage for all Christians, and perhaps Pope Paul is the first man to go into Jerusalem to revive that memory. I read that he will go down to Jerusalem, take a wooden cross over his shoulders and walk on the ground where Christ walked one day.

These things serve to remind us of the Great Personalities Who came in the world to guide us.

Only because Prophet Mohammed was born in Mecca does each Mohammedan yearn to perform his Haj or pilgrimage to it. Similarly, we have respect for the birthplaces of all other Masters as reminders to us of Their having come. We bow our heads in respect to Them and try to learn the lessons these Masters taught. Unfortunately, these tributes later become conventional and stereotyped social functions, and we forget that the True Way to celebrate any Great Man’s life is to understand what He was and taught, to derive the lesson and try to live up to it.

Jesus clearly says that

no man knows the Father except the Son, and the one to whom the Son reveals Him. 

St Matthew 11:27

That Son is the Light of God Which exists forever. Son-ship continues. The sum of all that I have to convey to you is that Christ lived as the Man-body of Jesus, at Whose Pole He appeared, and that He resides in every heart. Yet He cannot be realised by mere feelings, by mere emotions, by merely drawing inferences, or by intellectual wrestling to arrive at a conclusion. It is a matter of seeing God – Who He is.

Christ said,

I am the Light of the World.

Can you see this Light?

Jesus said,

The Light of the body is the eye: If thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of Light.

How can the two eyes be single?

This is a practical question and one that can be answered practicably, for this occurs when the Inner Eye which is within each man is opened.

Even a blind man without eyes to see the physical has that Single Eye but it is closed. We can only see Him, the God-in-action-Power, Which is the Light called Christ, when we shut the doors of the temple of our body and our eye becomes single.

Our attention has become diffused upon the outside world through the bodily doors of the two eyes, the two nostrils, the two ears, the mouth, the excretory and genital organs, and it has identified itself with them. We have to withdraw our attention from the outside, enter within the laboratory of the Man-body which is the True Temple of God and rise to the back of the eyes, where the seat of the soul is located in the body. There lies the tenth door where the eyes become single and where we find the Light of God. There we see the Christ in expression.

This is an example of what I mean by True Celebration through the understanding of the Personality of the Master and His teachings, and living up to them.

Jesus said that we must have the Bread of Life and the Water of Life. That Bread of Life and Water of Life lie in the actual contact with the God-into-Expression-Power of Light and Music of the Spheres. At any Human Pole at Which the God-Power is made manifest, that manifested God-Power is competent to raise our souls – bound under mind and outgoing faculties, and identified with them – and open the Inner Eye to see the Light of God and open the Inner Ear to hear the Voice of God.

This is what is meant by coming into contact with the God-into-Expression-Power of the Light and Sound Principle; that is, the True Bread and the True Water of Life. Thus, any Human Pole at which that God-Power has manifested Itself, can give you contact with the Bread and Water of Life.

This is referred to by Guru Nanak and the other Masters Who say that we are fortunate to have the Man-body and that the purpose of having it is to obtain the Bread of Life and the Water of Life – the True Elixir of Life Everlasting, for whoever drinks of It shall never die.

Remain in any religion you like, but for the Bread and Water of Life, go to a Master Who is the Human Pole of the God-Power or Christ-Power, for no son of man can give you Everlasting Life.

The greatness of the Master lies not in His advising you how to say prayers or perform certain rites and rituals – any man can give lectures after a little training – but in the fact that He is able to give you a sitting in which your soul is first withdrawn from the outside and then raised above the senses; your Inner Eye is opened and you see the Light of God and your Inner Ear is opened and you hear the Voice of God; you testify yourself that it is so.

Through the parallel study of religions you will find the same Truth imparted by almost all Masters, in Their own languages, of course.

In the Christian literature, you will find that St Paul says,

I die daily.

1 Corinthians 15:31

Other Masters say:

Learn to die a hundred times a day.

That death is the withdrawal of the soul from the physical body and rising above it into the Beyond; that is, into the Kingdom of God where you are reborn.

Marvel not that I say unto you, ye must be born again.

St John 3:7

These are the teachings given by all Masters from time to time. The difficulty in truly experiencing them, however, lies in the way that our souls are under the command of mind, and mind is under the command of the outgoing faculties. We have abandoned ourselves to the pleasures of the outside world so completely that we have identified ourselves with them, and we remain awake on the outside but asleep from within. You must know that the God-Power is keeping us in the body and, if you are to find this Power, you have to invert and withdraw behind the eyes, and gaze into the dark expanse before you. When you are able to see within that expanse, you will also see the actual God-Power everywhere.

Here is how we can find the Christ already within us. First enter the laboratory of the Man-body, the True Temple of God, then rise above it until we leave all else behind and enter the Kingdom of God. There are so many mansions in the House of our Father; the macrocosm is in the microcosm of the Man-body, and consists of physical, astral, causal, and super-causal planes, and beyond all these are the pure Spiritual Planes, the True Home of our Father.

The first step thus starts when we rise and are reborn above the Iron Curtain of this physical body. If anyone can rise above by himself, blessed is he; but if not ...

Consider that even in outward occupations a person needs someone proficient and expert in that particular line ... how much more is it necessary to have someone competent where the world’s philosophies and outward faculties do not work! Do you not need someone to help you there? You will decide this for yourselves.

In the true terminology of the Saints or Masters, a blind man is defined, not as one who has no eyes in his head, but as one whose Inner Eye is closed. Those who do not see the Light of God are all, excuse me, blind. When they come to a Master and He gives them a sitting, the Inner Eye is opened and they see the Light of God. When they return, they are men with the Inner Eye opened. Similarly, before going to a Master, a man is deaf. When the Master gives him a sitting, he begins to hear the Music of the Spheres and he becomes aware.

These are the Gifts of God. The greatness of the Master lies in His competency to give you the Bread and the Water of Life and to help you to be reborn – to open the Inner Eye to see the Light of God and to open the Inner Ear to hear the Voice of God.

There were few such Personalities in the past, and even now there are few; but the world is not without Them. All humanity are the children of these Masters. The same God-Power, Christ-Power, has worked ever since the world began and continues for those children who are hungry and seek the Truth. When that hunger and thirst arises in anyone, God Who resides in every heart makes arrangements to bring him to wherever he can be duly contacted with his own Self. Can any son of man do it? No. Only the God manifested in Him has that Power. Such a person is called a Master.

Blessed are ye who see things that the old prophets and righteous men could not see, who hear things which the old prophets and righteous men could not hear.

These are references in the Scriptures that our Eyes are sealed and our Ears are sealed, and that unless these seals are broken, we cannot see the Light of God and hear the Voice of God.

Guru Nanak, the first Sikh Master, was asked:

God resides in every heart, but who can see Him?

He answered:

Those eyes are different, and are other than the eyes of flesh and bone, which can see the Light of God.

Another Saint, Shamas-i-Tabrez, said,

We must be able to see God with our own Eyes and we must be able to hear the Voice of God with our own Ears.

The true definition of a Master is given by all Masters as One Who can make audible for you the Music of the Spheres within and Who can remove the veil of darkness you see when you close your eyes, and reveal the Light of God.

Such a person is called a Master.